• Picture the Nations: Haiti

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  • Our photography team of six traveled all around Haiti to capture as much of the country as possible, representing all of the unique aspects of life for Haitian people. We brought along portable photo printers, so that rather than taking photos, we could give them. Haitians have long been exploited by photography that seeks to sensationalize and strip dignity away in the face of the chaos left behind by both natural and systemic disasters. Picture the Nations does photography differently. We hope that by purchasing this book, you will be reminded of the immense wealth of beauty, tradition, grit, and generosity of the Haitian people. There is much to be done for Haiti to continue rebuilding. Please join us in doing something tangible to lend a hand.

    Product Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz.  | Product Dimensions: 8 x 10″

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Ministry Partners:

International Allied Missions Haiti

Spirit of Truth Ministries


Andrew Frazier

Chris Sharber

Joshua MacLeod

Kristen Lenox

Kristen McCann

Tom Turner

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