I still believe in Haiti!

Photo: Andrew Frazier

Over the last 3 years, Haiti has been in a state of extreme crisis. Recent social and political events have made it increasingly difficult to organize trips or gather volunteers to serve on the ground in Haiti. There has been a severe increase in kidnappings, gang violence, and widespread gas and food shortages, which make it nearly impossible to intervene with foreign aid. For the citizens of Haiti, it seems hopeless.

But there is still hope!

Photo: Joshua MacLeod

Together for Haiti is a HAITIAN LED non-profit empowering the people of Haiti with training, expertise, and resources to create meaningful opportunities for education, growth, and self-sustainable development. In the midst of the current political unrest and widespread violence, they are working with a team of Haitian-led and Haitian-centered leaders to educate and feed over 2000 children, renew entrepreneurship and agriculture training, and serve countless communities through discipleship.

Visionary leaders like Jean Alix Paul, founder of Together for Haiti, realize that there are two necessary ingredients for Haiti to thrive. Faith in God and empowerment for the Haitian people themselves. Groups like Together for Haiti are the reason why there is still hope.

Photo: Joshua MacLeod

Picture the Nations had the incredible privilege of partnering with Together For Haiti to create the Picture the Nations Haiti book. They graciously hosted a Picture the Nations Trip and provided us with transportation throughout the country. In 2021 we were able to send $9,000 dollars to support the work of Together for Haiti.

With every donation to purchase a Picture the Nations Haiti book, organizations like Together for Haiti are served creating revolutionary change that starts and ends with the beautiful people of Haiti.