Meet Joshua MacLeod, founder of Picture the Nations as he explains the vision and heart behind Picture the Nations.

Our Team

Joshua Macleod

Joshua MacLeod is a professional photographer and filmmaker and the founder of Watermelon Ministries. Joshua has worked on Christian Media productions in 15 different countries and has helped countless numbers of individuals through ministry consulting and media services. Joshua is an influential speaker and teacher and lives in TN with his wife Sarah and seven kids.

Kristen McCann

Kristen graduated from Belhaven University, where she majored in Graphic Design and minored in marketing. She is a multiple award winning designer with a passion for capturing the beauty of people through photography and finding visual branding solutions through graphic design.

Kristen calls Franklin, TN home and is very active supporting Barefoot Republic Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What need or pain do you solve? How to you make the world a better place? 

  • All people need to know that they are valuable, beautiful, and have inherent dignity.  By capturing quality portraits, we show people that we see their beauty.
  • We equip artists (photographers) by facilitating a meaningful photography mission trip where they can use their talent to serve others.
  • We create coffee table picture books that can act as a trigger to remember organizations serving in foreign countries that are “out of sight – out of mind”.
  • Funds acquired through purchasing prints and books are used to help build sustainable “people-serving” organizations throughout the world.


What motivates your ministry?

  • As a Christian founded ministry, we see people as God sees them: valuable and beautiful. We feel that all people are worthy of serving and the motivation behind this ministry is love.


What are the goals for each Picture the Nations trip?

  • 300 photo gifts – We bring portable printers to make and give quality portraits to each person photographed.
  • 120 book quality photographs – Each Picture the Nations book is comprised of 120 quality photographs from the trip.
  • 40 beautiful people pictures – The top 40 pictures showing the beauty of people in each nation are uploaded to our website.
  • 5-12 “sellable” prints – The top 5-12 prints are sold to raise money for printing the books. The books are then sold to give money to ministries serving that nation.


How many people are on a typical trip?

  • 1 Team Leader
  • 2 Photographers
  • 1 Photo Assistant