What need or pain do you solve? How to you make the world a better place? 

  • All people need to know that they are valuable, beautiful, and have inherent dignity.  By capturing quality portraits, we show people that we see their beauty.
  • We equip artists (photographers) by facilitating a meaningful photography mission trip where they can use their talent to serve others.
  • We create coffee table picture books that can act as a trigger to remember organizations serving in foreign countries that are “out of sight – out of mind”.
  • Funds acquired through purchasing photo books are used to help build sustainable “people-serving” organizations throughout the world.


What motivates your ministry?

  • As a Christian founded ministry, we see people as God sees them: valuable and beautiful. We feel that all people are worthy of serving and the motivation behind this ministry is love.


What are the goals for each Picture the Nations trip?

  • 300 photo gifts – We bring portable printers to make and give quality portraits to each person photographed.
  • 120 book quality photographs – Each Picture the Nations book is comprised of 120 quality photographs from the trip.
  • 40 beautiful people pictures – The top 40 pictures showing the beauty of people in each nation are uploaded to our website.


How many people are on a typical trip?

  • 1 Team Leader
  • 2 Photographers
  • 1 Photo Assistant